Personal consultation with Karim
A your financial situation, possible optimization strategies
B investments, investment strategies for you
C Network Marketing: what it is and how it can be applied to your project
D You can suggest a topic that interests you in the field of investment finance and MLM

How the consultation
is carried out

Consultation price: 300 euro

  • Online or offline, if possible;
  • After the conclusion of the contract and payment, our employee contacts you and specifies the convenient format, plan the date and time;
  • Consultation lasts 1 hour;
  • 3 days before the consultation, it is necessary to clarify the topic and, if any, send questions.

Personal investment strategy

Price: 3% of the budget

For your budget and goals, we develop an individual program for investing in various products and tools (securities market, precious metals, cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance, real estate, business, companies, etc.)
  • The larger the budget, the larger and more varied the tools;
  • Minimum budget - $ 50,000;
  • The term for developing a strategy is from 5 to 30 days, depending on the budget;
  • The strategy itself is calculated from 1 to 5 years, depending on the budget.
How does this happen:
  • determining the budget and the number of tools;
  • defining the desired level of risk and income;
  • developing a document - a recommended investment strategy.

Consultation upon registration in the project

Price: 1% of the budget

Many investment projects have complicated systems of registration and verification, and also accept deposits in cryptocurrency or in conventional units of the project.
We will advise:
  • when choosing a project and product;
  • when registering and verifying;
  • how to register a crypto account;
  • how to exchange cryptocurrency.

Building an MLM system

Price: from 3000 euro

Almost any project, business, product can be promoted through network marketing. There are general principles for building an MLM system, but it needs to be adapted for each project, taking into account all the features and details.
Development stages:
  • project study;
  • building a system of hierarchy, interactions between levels, conditions of achievement;
  • development of a motivation system;
  • development of an accounting and control system;
  • Help with implementation.
Development time - about 3 weeks (preliminary)
As a result, you get a document that describes the MLM system that suits you. The system is explained to the person in charge. Help with its implementation.


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